Wednesday, October 09, 2013

For laugh

Something to think about when you started doing PhD..cheers everyone!

Monday, June 10, 2013

What do you want to do - the most?

Sail up the Postman's Run up the Hawkesbury river, Australia
So, lately I have been talking to Kak Sofie, and Pojan about one thing -  

we all have dreams, right?


In the past years since we graduate and started working, we have been slowly sculpting our lives around each other. No matter how far or how close we get, we always find way to do something - together.

In 2011, we went to Terengganu for Nurul's wedding.

In 2012, we went to Pojan's home in Yan,  Kedah. We had a picnic in Zoo Negara, and we reunited with our respected teachers in Kuantan, Pahang.

In 2013, we announce it a tradition to visit one of our friend's family every year by going to Ann's place in Muar, Johor.

In between these trips, each of us went on our own trips - Mun to Korea (twice!), Kak Sofie to Beijing, Pojan to Bandung, Sitot to Australia, and Yati to India...

So - we are thinking, why don't we take a step further for our class trip and make it international next time?

Sitot wants to go to Universal Studios in Singapore, Pojan is suggesting Harbin, Ha Long Bay or Siem Reap (god knows why), and Yati and Kak Sofie have been excitedly imagining a weekend on the houseboat in Hawkesbury River, Australia.

Of course, to achieve all of these dreams - we will need money (boring stuffs, I know).

In order to make our dreams a reality, we need to turn it into actions - concrete actions. One of the fastest ways to start doing is to start saving for it - in a JOINT ACCOUNT.

What do you say, if we all open a joint account under our names - and every month, we sock away what little money we have to go towards our dream destination - together, as friends and family?

It can starts with RM10, RM50, RM100 - anything.

Our next major travel date can be as late as the end of next year.


RM 50 x 10 persons x 18 months from now = RM9000.

The cost that it took Kak Sofie to Beijing for 6 days, RM1550 (all inclusive).

The cost that it took Yati to Bangalore for 5 days, RM1308.30 (all inclusive).

The things we can do with all these money!

The fund may not be able to cover everything for our trips, but as Kak Sofie concurred, if it can take care of the accommodation and part of the land cost - it's already a major feat.

So this is my proposal: Since it's now June, we make it a deadline to start our BTB Travel Fund in July, and starting next month, each of us contribute to our dream trips.

I still don't have a clear cut guidelines as to how we may outline the terms and conditions for our fund i.e. How much money we should contribute? Is it compulsory to everyone? When can we use it?

But I say, the first step is always the hardest - TO START.

Why don't we take that first step and see how it goes?

Please leave your suggestions, yay or nay in the comments box. Thank you!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Teaser: Trip to Muar for Engagement Party

Doesn't the photo above reminds you of our trip to Terengganu for Nurul's wedding? Probably due to the fact that I'm wearing the same baju kurung, but still, it feels like the photo is taken in the same spirit. Wishing all of you were with us, let's make a kampung trip an annual event for BTB. Last year we went to Pojan's place, this year to Ann's - whose kampung for next year?

Friday, December 28, 2012

A decade of our friendships (1960's style)

I don't know what went wrong with my Nikon. The pictures look old, as old as we've been together. Everybody was very happy, even Kak Rini also kept smiling all the time. I love the moment when we all commixed professionally around our lecturers. I love and loved the moment  until I forgot to capture it. I am sorry.

the last picture is my favourite.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Kuantan Reunion 2012 in Pictures

As I write this, my thesis chapters are just a few window-clicks away. Much as I would like to give them my undivided attention, my head has been filled all day with thoughts other than results and discussions.

The past few days have been a blast! I had so much fun meeting familiar faces, and visiting old haunts. As customary, pictures come after. People, I didn't have time to do any touch ups to these, but I hope you guys like them. They are in no particular order. Try to guess where they were taken!


That's all I have folks! by the way, I had to change the blog layout to accommodate the pics. I hope you guys don't mind.. ;)

Hajar Pojan, you're up next!